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How it works

Most companies prefer

attracting new customers and
doing business with them instead of
keeping their old customers.

Buck Rodgers

  All advertisements are shown sequentially on our displays in non-stop mode. We guarantee that no single monitor will have more than six advertisements on it. If each ad was 30 seconds long, each clip would be shown once every three minutes. That’s about as long as the average person takes to make a payment at the terminal. The sales locations at which our terminals are placed are open ten hours per day on average. That means we guarantee that your ad will be shown 200 times a day, and that’s only on one terminal.
  In a month, your ad will run 6000 times. That means it will be shown 270,000 times across our entire network.
 Content can be changed while an ad campaign is running. Ads are uploaded to the terminals through the internet in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is email us new material and within the hour it is guaranteed to be displayed throughout our network.
 If you want to become the exclusive advertiser on our network, your content will display over 1,600,000 times per month, assuming the same 30 second clip duration.

The base price of placement for a 30 second ad segment is 20000 roubles per month for broadcasting over entire chain, not including discounts. 
    You can choose any number of displays for your ad campaign, but we recommend buying time on the entire network. In such a case, we would be able to offer you a substantial discount.

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