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Too often, company employees make
marketing decisions based on
what is good for their career, and not
what needs to be done to remain competitive

Jack Trout.

Are your advertising budgets growing by the hour, but there’s no consistent reflection in sales?
Are you certain that traditional media no longer affects your target audience?
Are your advertisements lost in the urban jungle of ads in our metropolis?

 That can be fixed, and you’ve come to the right place.Our media is exactly what you need to inject a fresh stream of innovations into your advertisements. We won’t offer you conventional media. We won’t convince you to increase your advertising budget. In fact, we’re not going to try to convince you of anything at all.
  We will give your advertising campaigns access to our network of special advertising displays on our payment acceptance terminals. It’s that simple. There are no restrictions on your content and creativity. Anything goes, from simple static images to full-length video series.
  Television? No, it’s better. We don’t show news or soap operas. Our displays only show advertisements. 24/7. Only ads. We have no restrictions on alcohol or tobacco advertisements because our media isn’t classified under the Advertisement Law.
  Your clients have cell phones, televisions, the internet. Your clients pay credit card bills. That makes them our clients too, because they pay for all of this at our payment acceptance terminals. And if they’re not paying, they’ll certainly be walking somewhere nearby.
  As soon as one of our clients nears a terminal, he becomes one of your clients too, because he sees the advertisement immediately.   
  Modern payment acceptance terminals have become a part of everyday life for most people. Not too long ago, they were viewed almost exclusively as a way to add to the balance on cell phone accounts. Today, we use these machines to pay for everything that needs paying: TV, internet, landline phones, credit payments, housing and public utility services and many other things. The number of services is growing monthly. That means that the amount of payments, and the number of clients using our network, also increases.

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